Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Relaxer UPdate pictures...1 YEAR HHJ Anniversary!

The sides Dec 2011
Sides Comparison September 2011 After more than 1 inch trim

Finally I have been able to upload pics of my Dec relaxer.I am really happy about my progress.I have put pictures on the right just for comparison.I took those after a Trim in September 13th 2011....
Length check Dec 2011

September 2011 After more than 1 inch trim


  1. great progress indeed

  2. I sooo envy your hair....i need to start taking care of seriously.looking very nice.

    1. Oh thanks you :-) i´m really seeing a difference since i started my hair journey. don´t miss out! just say so if you need any help starting a hair journey.


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